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Professional HVAC Contractors in Eel River Crossing

Are you looking for reliable HVAC contractors in Eel River Crossing? Turn to McIntyre Refrigeration & Ventilation Co. Ltd. for top-quality heat pump installation, ventilation and refrigeration services. We understand operational costs for both refrigeration and ventilation are high. Therefore our professionals try their best to make sure your equipment is maintained properly and help you to save on your energy bills. We strive to offer quality heating and cooling equipment services to our residential and commercial clients, including homeowners, general contractors and business owners in the community. We also have a sheet metal workshop to help our clients with the installation of heating, air conditioning and ventilation ducts.    

Heat Pumps and Commercial Refrigeration

At McIntyre Refrigeration & Ventilation Co. Ltd., we have certified heat pump installers. Heat pumps transfer heat energy by absorbing heat from a colder area and releasing it to a warmer area. Heat pumps are highly energy-efficient devices and can be used as alternatives to air conditioners and furnaces. Additionally, we offer installation services for walk-in coolers and freezers, and commercial refrigeration equipment.

Clean Air for All

Having a proper ventilation system is essential to maintain fresh indoor air quality and for dehumidification. Our service department is fully equipped with a full set of service tools and spare parts to assist you.


Over the years, our refrigeration-certified and sheet metal-certified technicians have earned a strong reputation for offering quality services. Visit us for free estimates. For your convenience, we also offer 24/7 after-hours services.  

Promotions and Special Offers

Extended Warranty on Fujitsu Heat Pump Systems - 12 Years on Parts and 10 Years on Labour
 24/7 After-sales Service


Operating Since 1978

Our certified technicians offer reliable heating and cooling equipment services.

Comprehensive HVAC Solutions

We install heat pumps, cold rooms and other commercial refrigeration equipment.

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